Quick Answer: What Sells Most On OLX?

Is Olx good for selling?

Normally people choose to sell on OLX because they get more than the half price of a used product when they bought it.

If they bought a car for Rs 5 Lakhs then they want to sell it for Rs 250,000/- or Rs 275,000/-.

This is the reason they go for OLX.

Hence, you have to create great ads..

Which is better quikr or Olx?

Both quikr and olx are platforms where you buy or sells goods. I have used both of them in the past and I would say OLX is better. Now I will compare them side by side. … ( 4) If you is getting old, you can once boost it to the top for only rs 50 in olx while quikr will charge you 920 to boost it to top for rs 920.

What are good sales tactics?

Listen and solve a problem. The secret to successful sales tactics lies in listening to your customers. … Warm up your sales calls and emails. … Use social media to find leads. … Ask for referrals. … Create sales enablement content. … Audit client conversations. … Offer upgrade incentives to existing customers. … Learn new things.More items…

Is quicker payment safe?

Our Guarantee – Safe & Hassle-free Monetary Transactions Our payment processing partners use Verisign certified 128-bit encryption technology and are PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified to ensure the security of your payment information (credit / debit card or net banking details).

Why is Olx rejecting my ad?

Your Ad could be rejected if the title, description or image of your Ad matches with another Ad posted in the same city. Note: If you post a similar Ad that you have posted within the previous 30 days, the Ad would still get rejected. … Make sure that the images are real, clear and of good resolution.

Does quicker transport for free?

Quikr was running a promotion in which it was providing free deliveries for items exchanged by users. Not only did it provide free transport of goods as large as desktop computers and beds, it – here’s the kicker – was giving away a Rs. 1000 Paytm cashback to both parties, no questions asked.

Who is CEO of OLX?

Thakar, who will take up the role starting March 15, will manage the global operations of OLX Autos based out of India, one among the fastest-growing large used car markets in the world, and will lead a workforce of over 4,000 employees across various geographies.

What are the selling techniques?

10 Selling Techniques to Help You Become a Better SalespersonUnderstand Your Market. … Focus on the Right Leads. … Prioritize Your Company Above Yourself. … Leverage Your CRM. … Be Data Informed. … Really Listen to Your Prospects. … Build Trust Through Education. … Focus on Helping.More items…•Jan 8, 2014

How many free ads can I post on OLX?

Note: There are a few more changes in some respective categories. Commercial & Other Vehicles : The limit is 1 in 365 days. Spare Parts: The limit is 1 in 365 days.

How can I chat with buyer in Olx?

Once logged in, you can scroll through ads to your heart’s content. If there’s anything that tickles your fancy, you can start a Chat or Make an offer right on the ad. When a you tap on this new button/icon inside the Chat window, it will show a form to you with prefilled data from your profile.

How can I get my ad on top of OLX?

Step 1: Go to My Ads and select the Ad you wish to promote. Step 3: Select the “Feature Ad” package that you want and click on the payment button. To know more, click here. Step 4: Alternatively, you can also opt for the “Boost to Top” feature.

Does quicker ask for money?

Please dont pay or pick up any calls from quickr jobs. They ask for registration fees charging 29 rs and deduct 2929 and then they ask click on refund they deduct double the amount please be very careful. This company is a bloody fraud.

Does Olx take Commision?

OLX is a free classifieds website. We don’t ask for any fees or commissions and our revenue comes from the banners / adverts we sell to companies to promote their businesses.

What is the process of selling on OLX?

To sell an item on Olx, one has to create an account and put up an ad by entering relevant information about that item along with some images that reveal the item’s condition. Once this is done, the item then becomes available for all buyers to see. … Read till the end to understand the right way to sell your car on Olx.

Is it safe to buy Iphone from OLX?

Do verify seller’s address, phone number, website/social media site,before moving towards purchase. Since Olx/Quikr are open platforms so you should be extra cautious. Rest all is fine. Happy shopping !

How does Olx make money?

A major part of OLX’s revenue comes from Google Ads Monetization. The company works with partners who in-turn works with Google and other ad partners to act as ad supplier and ad mediator for the website. These Ads works in juxtaposition with the OLX website, and its contents are displayed on the webpage itself.

Does Olx do free delivery?

Free Delivery in Bengaluru, Free classifieds in Bengaluru | OLX.