Does PSA Grade Fake Cards?

How do I know if my PSA Card is real?

If you hold an authentic PSA-certified item up to a light at close range, looking from the back of the label to the front or the front of the label to the back, you should be able to see through the label enough to decipher the text on the other side..

Are there fake PSA slabs?

I haven’t run across many fake PSA slabs, but they do exist and can usually be spotted if you know some of the telltale signs. We hope this guide on PSA holders is a useful resource.

Is a BGS 9.5 a PSA 10?

Because of how wide the variance is with PSA on what qualifies as a “10.0”, you’ll find a lot of cards graded PSA 10 that are really BGS 9.5. And thus BGS 9.5 (10,10,9.5,9.5) should be greater than a PSA 10 simply because you really know their are at least two 10 sub grades….

Where is PSA grading located?

PSA Trading Card Grading. Certification numbers appear in the lower right of the encapsulated label or on the oval DNA sticker.

How long does it take PSA to grade a card?

5-6 monthsFirst, delays in current processing strengthen the value of graded cards on the market. When it takes 5-6 months to get a card graded with no guarantee of what exactly PSA will designate it, the bird in hand gains a lot of value.

Is PSA grading trustworthy?

One, that 100% of collectors that I surveyed felt that grading companies were a needed part of the hobby. … I think it’s quite likely that collectors have been swayed by the latest Moser/PWCC/PSA news. Yet while SGC is viewed at the most trustworthy, PSA is viewed as the most accurate as shown below.

Will PSA grade any card?

PSA can review any card(s) that you feel warrants a different grade. To utilize our Review service, please fill out a submission form via the Online Submission Center and select “Review” as the Submission Type.

How much is a PSA 10 Charizard worth?

A PSA 10 Base Set 1st Edition Charizard just sold at auction with an ending bid of $183,812.00 via @IconicAuctions. Including the 20% buyer’s premium, the total transaction value exceeds $220k.

How can you tell a fake BGS slab?

A fake Beckett (BGS) graded sports card has the following characteristics – the top gold label has smooth edges all around, the plastic sleeve has a straight edge on top, and the patent number doesn’t have a period between the T and the 6 at the bottom of the slab.

Is it worth sending cards to PSA?

It’s obviously in poor condition to the naked eye. And as a PSA 1, the card is worth about $80. That means after paying the grading fees, shipping and insurance, and potential auction fees, you may net $40-50 if you sell it. And you could sell the card for that much without grading it.

How much does it cost to PSA grade a card?

The fees PSA charges to grade a card can range from $15 to $250 depending on the size and declared value of the card, as well as how fast the owner would like the card back – a higher fee ensures a faster turnaround time.

Is Beckett or PSA better?

Beckett’s labeling is generally preferred, and it’s easy to see why when you compare their offerings to the PSA equivalents. They’ve seen a great option for newer cards. BGS is tougher on centering, especially for Gem Mint cards. Simple pricing structure.

Does CGC grade harder than PSA?

Something you will now often see is ” Beckett 9.5, PSA 10?” this alludes to the well known fact that PSA has a slightly easier scale than Beckett. CGC is also known for grading a bit easier.

Why is PSA grading so expensive?

PSA, the leader in card grading, dramatically changed its prices on Monday as the uptick in the industry left the company with a backlog of an untold millions of cards. Pricing in most areas has doubled. The lowest level, with the slowest service, goes from $10 a card to $20 a card and imposes a 10-card minimum.

Are PSA card holders waterproof?

They aren’t waterproof no. They are water resistant and this will will vary in effectiveness, because of their ultrasonic welds being slightly different each time.